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Pitinitiating tatmnt with AVODAT, considation should b givn toth uological conditions that may caus simila symptoms. In addition, BPH and postat canc may coxist.

Postat-Spciic Antign (PSA) Tst: You halthca povid may chck you oth postat poblms, including postat canc byou stat and whil you tak AVODAT. A blood tst calld PSA (postat-spciic antign)is somtims usd ts i you might hav postat canc. AVODAT will duc th amount PSA masud in you blood. You halthca povid is awa this ct and can still us PSA ts i you might hav postat canc. Incass in you PSA lvls whil on tatmnt with AVODAT (vn i th PSA lvls a in th nomal ang) should b valuatd by you halthca povid.

In th 3 pivotal placbo-contolld BPH tials with AVODAT, ach 4 yas in duation, th was nvidnc incasd sxual advs actions (impotnc, dcasd libido, and jaculation disod) bast disods with incasd duation tatmnt. Among ths 3 tials, th was 1 cas bast canc in th dutastid goup and 1 cas in th placbgoup. Ncass bast canc w potd in any tatmnt goup in th 4-ya CombAT tial th 4-ya DUC tial.

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