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4 years back I had severe hairfallmy doctor asked me to take Finpeciaand then myhairfall reduced after consuming that medicine for 3 monthsA year back again I had severe hairfall and again I started consuming Finpecia and hairfall reduced to great extentnow again I am having severe hairfallshall I consume Finpecia againIf yesthen for how longDoesn’t it has any side effects?

Of coursejust about every medication has some side effect or potential side effectalthough exactly what that effect may be depends very much on the individual personThere havehoweverbeen a few reports from individuals taking this medication that have subsequently developed jock itch.

Not all men who took finasteride had this issuebut men who are concerned about hair loss and are using or considering using finasteride should consult with their doctors to see if they need to modify or monitor treatment in any way to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction developing.

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